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October 2018

This is a hello world post! I can’t believe that it has been such a long time since I logged in to write out my random thoughts. I think I may have been spending way too much time on Instagram. I occasionally take breaks from social media, inspired by #MakeRoom by Jonathan McReynolds!

Last night I had a beautiful dream…a dream that I hope becomes reality! Share the last dream you’ve had with me? Or tell me how your day went ❤

I hope to hear from you all!


Christian+Single+Sexually on Fire

The Unedited Version of Being Single & Christian

At the risk of being branded immoral and unchristian,  it’s now time to open the closet doors with a few more frank Christian sexual and single discussions.  There is no denying that I find sexuality very interesting. Maybe it has something to do with the fact that anything surrounding sex is kept an open secret for may centuries. Take for instance, old hollywood would depict  married people sleeping in separate twin beds. Male doctors would masturbate women (invention of vibrators) to cure female psychological illnesses while at the same time denounced female sexuality and orgasm. Back in the day, people had scores of children to increase the survival rate of their families but young girls and guys would be married without knowing where to put what. The current day religions and conservative countries that chastise anything sexual tend to sanction men having multiple wives (or lovers) with numerous children. In a recent news report from the middle…

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Let Men Have Their Masculinity

The Unedited Version of Being Single & Christian

Man Time Men do need to enjoy things that feed their masculinity

I was just watching a video in which a good looking gentleman made his commentary on women being required to pay rent 50/50. To paraphrase, he states that it is a man’s responsibility to take care of his woman no matter how much she earns because some traditions are still good. In the pursuit of gender equality, is modern society taking away men’s right to be men?

Holding the Door Open
I remember being on a date and he was on the opposite side of the truck. I went to open my side of the door and he came running to the other side to do it for me. I was annoyed.  My thoughts “I can open my own damn door!” It wasn’t the feminist in me that objected but I thought he was too far away and I just looked stupid standing there waiting like a prima…

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When to Let the Lion Roar

I’ll just jump right into things. Somebody ticked me off (this post was left in my draft box for nearly two years, lol. I felt it was too dark). But, when do you not remain calm? When do you let the lion roar? When do you show out and show the other side of you, and we all have another side? It may rarely come out, but it’s there.  When do you show the other person you can get just as low down? When do you lash out?

I’m angry, and I know the exact words that would knock the very breath from their lungs. I’m going to put this person back in their place. I’ll show them who not to mess with me. Don’t mess with me, and I won’t mess with you. If I hurt your feelings (which is what I plan to do) ooops, well, that’s just the way the cookie crumbles.

Okay, I'm not as angry as Angela here, LOL. She was on another level. The point is we can all go there.

Okay, I’m not as angry as Angela here, LOL. She was on another level. The point is we can all go there.

–How to deal with anger?

Anger is not a bad thing. Anger is an emotion just like any other emotion that we may experience in life. The problem with anger as well as any other emotion is when one does not know how to control their emotion. Controlling your emotion does not mean hiding your emotion, but it does mean being able to prevent the emotion from getting the best of you, not letting it consume you.

If you’re sad, say you’re sad and deal with the sadness.

If you’re angry, say you’re angry and deal with the anger.

When I am angry, happy, sad, hurt, or whatever emotion I am experiencing…I am finally learning how to let you know exactly how I feel and exactly why I feel the way that I do. I don’t have to stoop to your level of disgrace to express any negative emotions. I don’t have to cuss you out. I don’t have to fight you (although, I will, in a heartbeat).

So, there is a time to be the sheep. And there is the time to be the lion. Jesus was the lamb and the lion.

As the lion, Jesus didn’t murder another with his word. He didn’t belittle the person. He stated the facts and acted like a boss…

There is a time for everything. Know when it’s time to let the lion roar, my friend.

If you’re a lady, handle yourself like a lady.

If you’re a man, handle yourself as such.

But, still, don’t be a pushover. I’m learning that.

…not sure what was going on 2 years ago here, but I was obviously angry on this day.

What About Your Friends?

Friendships are inportant. ♡


For many women, friends are our primary partners through life; they are the ones who move us into new homes, out of bad relationships, through births and illnesses.

-Rebecca Traister’s book

Female friendships are a topic I’ve avoided writing about. I have so many thoughts around the subject and yet nothing I felt would add anything meaningful to this blog. It’s true that I become wholly self-aware and self-conscious around the topic. However I’m here, attacking my trigger.

Where do I begin? So let me say that the age of online friendships is a gift and a curse. I blame Facebook. With the click of a button, you “Friend” someone. Is that all it takes? A passive, mindless act? You may never personally message that person, write on that person’s wall, or even have to remember that person’s birthday (FB does it for you.) But you made a new friend…

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A wise woman wishes to be no one’s enemy; a wise woman REFUSES to be anyone’s victim ” – Maya