Kiss of Betrayal

I started flipping through a lesson for Sunday school. As usual, I found myself basking in my extra time. I decided to watch television and intentionally silenced my phone, that I just so happened to leave across the room. Eventually, I got around to reading the lesson. It was a lesson on the Love of God and His consistency. As a Christian your aim is to follow Christ. With my all, this is my goal. In the times that I miss the mark, there is always Grace and Mercy. Jesus is consistent in all of His ways, and I looooove that about Him. Here is my inconsistency—-> From time to time I allow the temporary emotions to take over. The days when people are getting under my skin I revert to my little shell and become that passive aggressive girl. For me, it’s more comfortable being that way versus being downright aggressive. Weird, right? I’m working on that issue, really. Eventually, that hunch of conviction comes over me. So, I find a way to get right. I don’t want to be that person. I’m to be Christ like. Christ is lovingly direct in His way, isn’t he? Admit it, He’s complete perfection. We are imperfectly perfect. We have our little flaws and all, but that does not have to get in the way of our goal to be like Christ. He’s willing to even equip you! Gentleman, I know. I love Him too ❤

Judas and Jesus were friends? Even though Jesus is able to literally see or hearts intent and content? He saw betrayal written over the heart of Judas, and He still sat with him? No way.

If there’s any indication that you can’t be trusted I will find a million ways to avoid you. No harm in that. After all, you should protect yourself. There’s a reason for discernment. It’s a gift, and it goes beyond you just protecting your heart from betrayal.

So, it was “the night before Easter Sunday 2013”

As I read how Judas Iscariot planned to betray Jesus. I wondered could I sit with someone knowing they’d be the very one to betray me. I can’t. After all the, is it I/will I be the one to betray you questions, Jesus remains true to His character. There was no sarcasm, no ill feelings, no passive aggressiveness—just consistent love. In all of this, the scriptures had to be fulfilled. Why, did He call Judas a FRIEND? (Matthew 26:50)

There’s nothing naïve about Christ. He created us, and he knows everything about us, every concern, desire, every motive…He saw the best in Judas. He loved the guy even when poor Judas allowed Satan to use him for 30 pieces of silver. He forgave Him and allowed Judas to kiss him, and this is even when He knew it was a kiss of betrayal. He forgave Judas. Even when you aren’t a friend of His… That’s His love for you.

–To be like Him…I’m working on that


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