Hot Pink in Spring 2012

I had to introduce myself. I also had to share something interesting about myself. Well, I had nothing interesting to share. I’m sitting on the second row and I have to tell something interesting. Quick thought: I could make something up! Wait, can’t do that either. It’ll backfire. OKAY, my turn: My name is Tiwana, and I don’t have anything interesting to share, maybe later though. Mr. X, decides to interject, “Well, do you have a dog or cat?” I hate dogs, and I don’t have a cat. I hear a few laughs and the attention went away. I was DE-lighted. Glad that’s over.

After my turn, a girl said “My name is ….” Ok, I forgot her name, but I’ll never forget her or the laugh she gave me that day.  Let’s call her Amber. My name is Amber, and I’m the brightest person in the room. Some person pops up with a quick, “What?” [Oooo, why did she say that]. Get this– she had on a bright hottish pink hoodie. Seconds later her face and her hoodie matched. That color plus embarrassment, quite the combo. I didn’t see her in the class after that day, but I saw her running to a class later that semester.


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