Where I Belong

Some days I feel like I was born in the wrong generation. I feel like I’m not 22. I like electricity, I like the Internet, I like air-conditioners, I like cars, and many other technological advances. God doesn’t make mistakes, so I am meant to be right where I am.
Growing up, God came first.
Everyone had a Bible somewhere in their house, even if they didn’t read it. We would have family dinner and say our prayers of blessings and gratitude before we ate. Now, either daddy or mama has disappeared and the child is eating a bag of chips and a soda. God’s word was revered, and you wouldn’t be playing Temple Run 2/Words w/ Friends or Candy Crush on your smart phone during church. My heart bleeds, I can only imagine how God must feel.
Growing up my mom taught me many things.
Mom taught me how to be a lady, but now being a lady just doesn’t seem to matter. Be loud, the boys will notice you. You are a different gender for a reason. God doesn’t make mistakes, but that doesn’t matter much these days. Nearly everything she taught me is now looked upon as strange. If I’m strange, I accept that. If I’m the last one picked, I accept that. If I’m never picked, that’s cool too.
Lie to get ahead.
Step on the heads of others to make it to the top.
Don’t say please, just take it.
Marriage? Huh, what for?.
Smile/Be kind to strangers/Say, “Thanks” to the person that patiently held the door open for you.
Naw, I’m too busy.
Talk behind the back of the very person you laughed with and called a friend 5 minutes ago.
Demand things, yell, use profanity no matter who’s around.
Use the “N-word,” “red-neck” or any other racial slur but get offended when someone else uses it.
Walk by the person crying. Everybody cries.
I know it all, and I don’t want to hear ANYTHING you have to say.
Old people ‘don’t even matter’

I’m 22 and all the things I’ve been taught seems to be obsolete. But, I do know that just because everyone else is doing it that does not mean it’s right. Although, most days I feel like I’m the strange one, I’m happy to be just that. I’m free to be me, free to be who I’m called to be, free to be what I’m supposed to be. This world isn’t my home, I’m just passing through, and I’m so glad. BUT, while I’m here there’s no time for complaining. I’m accepting the fact that I am 22 and God doesn’t make mistakes. 🙂

All I know is that I’m not home yet, this is not where I belong, take this world and give me Jesus, this is not where I belong…but while I’m here…


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