Sanity and Smoothies

In order to keep my sanity I need a few things. Just a few…I’ve created a list, because I like making lists. I usually forget things, but let’s see how I do.

Alone Time: I like to hear my own thoughts. This allows me to be who I am, and it helps me piece things together. If you’re always around other people constantly, then you become like them. I want to be who I am. I like to just sit back for a minute and think to myself quietly, just to piece the days of my life together. I was around someone for a long period, next thing I know I was doing what they did. I’m not a monkey. I can’t figure MY next step if I’m always in your face. Alone time also gives me that chance to pray and tune in with God.
Change: I cannot do the same thing repeatedly. I don’t want to go to church and sit with the same saints and hear the same stories. I want to reach out to the masses. If I frequent the same places and see the same faces, it becomes old. I like consistency, so I sometimes make mistakes in this area. I found myself waking up at 7:30AM, prayer, breakfast (if I have time), school, work, home, sleep, and repeat the same schedule. So, one day as I was driving I told myself I needed to slow down and change up the pace. I took different routes to my destination, went to a different worship service, ate different meals, and even went to a movie on a work day. Yes, I decided to be late to work. Switched it up, so cool right. Careful, because of Adam and Eve (or should I say Satan…hmmm) we have to work. 🙂
Exercise—I hate exercising, I hate to sweat, I hate not seeing results. Although, it teaches you that if you do things half-heartedly then you’re going to get exactly what you put in. A nice walk will do. Also, I’ve heard it creates endorphins.
Love: Love is THE most important thing. It’s the number one thing that promotes growth. Let love seep through your fingertips. I can be weird at times. I found myself always wanting to tell people I love them, but I’d always say it in a round-about way. We all want to be loved. So, I called my annoying little sister and told her how much I loved her. Awkward. Yes. Very. I still did it. JINGLE TIME: “Spread a little love today, spread a little love my way, spread a little something to remember”
Laughter: Do the laugh you do when your stomach hurts, tears fall, and you can’t speak
Consistency: Consistency in the people that I care about most.
Bible Study: It reminds you that there are –no new problems under the sun-. The problems you have today, God was able to fix way back then. He didn’t wait for technological advances. The same God from then is still in existence today. There is that consistency thing again. The love we need is in every word and in every chapter.

“Spread a little love today, spread a little love my way, spread a little something to remember….”

Speaking of Sanity:
Isaiah 26:3
Thou wilt keep him in perfect peace, whose mind is stayed on thee: because he trusteth in thee

God says I have sanity for you. I have the perfect peace that you need. If you would keep your mind, your eyes on me and not your problem I will do this for you. Trust me to get you through this world. He’s better than smoothies. He’s my sanity.


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