Yes, Man

Have you ever seen the movie, “Yes, Man” with Jim Carrey?
It’s a pretty funny movie. Can you imagine not being able to say “no” at all? In the movie Jim Carrey says “Yes” to everything. Yes, I can go with you to the game that I know nothing about. Yes, we can go out tomorrow night. Yes, this. Yes, that.
So, I was complaining to a friend about how bored I was. I was pretty much dared to say, YES to everything. Usually people don’t ask me off the wall things, so I accepted the challenge. This brought about a change. I did things that I thought would be uncomfortable. Trust me there were moments of awkwardness. But, the awkward moments didn’t kill me. I met new people and did new things. I stepped out of my comfort zone! A really hard thing to do.
Parties—I hate parties. I don’t care who is in attendance. I just feel too awkward at parties. So, I don’t go.
Well, I was invited to a party. Yes, Man! I’ll be at your party.

Concerts—It’s too loud.
My favorite band *Royal Tailor* was in my area! They asked if anyone wanted to work the merchandise table for the band. I emailed them, and they sent everything I needed to know. I was partly excited and partly nervous. Say: Yes, Man.
The last thing I ever sold was a box of doughnuts for a fundraiser back in 2005. I’m pretty sure I didn’t get the doughnuts to the customer (my aunt) on time. I went, and it was fun. I sold tons of merchandise, and I did have help, but I was a working woman that night.
LOOK!!! I met the band!
Met a cool person

Also, I was a pilot for a day. Me! It was sooooo awesome!

Suggestions for new adventures???


3 responses to this post.

  1. Hmmm….saying yes to Royal Tailor AND being a pilot for a day? Maybe I should try this!


  2. It was totally worth it! Thanks for dropping by, Beth. 😉


  3. You’re braver than I am!


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