Red Flags!!!

So, you don’t text back—call back—message back, yet expect things to be the same?
Are we not always around our phone?
What about having a social media app on your phone?
Most of us are connected to these things in some way. Is it really that hard to respond to a text message or social media message?
Excuses I’ve heard:
I didn’t see it, and some people won’t even mention it.

Ok, it may not be an excuse. Surely, something will jog your memory, right? I don’t think I’m being overly sensitive, angry, sad, etc. I just find it downright RUDE. I had a long conversation with a “friend” and he is overall a genuinely nice person, but he admitted to not responding to messages. So, I asked him how he thinks a person feels after being ignored. He stated, “I guess I never really thought about it.” So, is that it? Do we just walk around not thinking about how other people may feel? What does that say about you? I understand that we all have our own pet peeves and things, but this is a deal breaker for me. That and leaving the cap off the tooth paste or touching me with wet hands…oh, the list goes on. I don’t want to be persnickety, but I can be at times.
I called someone December of 2012, and I heard from the person 6 months later! What?! How do you expect me to respond? Open arms? No way!
I sent a message asking someone one simple question. I got no response. It was just an invitation. It required a yes, no, or maybe. Do you think I receive anyhing? Nada, Zip, Zero…
I can accept a NO from you, but being ignored hurts worse. They are both rejections, and who wants to be rejected? No one. I’ll still love you, but now you have a title with a red flag. Would you want to be left hanging for 6 month or ignored? Just tell me, NO. I’ll live.

Truth of the matter, you may not be all of the negative things my mind may go to, but your actions are suspicious. Actions speak much louder than words. Whatever your reason, if you don’t want it being done to you, please don’t do it to others. Not responding to other people is very inconsiderate, and it’s a bad look. Don’t worry, I’ll get the picture, and I’ll be just fine! This may not have been the picture you wanted to paint, but it’s the picture I see.


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  1. Yes! Actions!!


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