This is an INTERVENTION: You’re Having a Pre-Life Crisis!


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Updated 7.4.13 at 12:50pm

You know your mother and I love you right? Right? We wouldn’t be here if we didn’t love you… You might want to sit down for this… because this. is. an. INTERVENTION. We think you’re having a Pre-Life Crisis.

Let me explain. Just about every young-adult experiences an identity crisis.

(Or, for the sake of good branding, a “Pre-Life Crisis.” Not to be confused with the more popular but less cool “Mid-Life Crisis.” Nor your irreversible post-mortem destiny called the “Post-Life Crisis” – also known as heaven and hell.)

Sooner or later, at some point in our young lives, we get to this magical moment between dependence and independence where we decide that “I just have to figure life out for me!” Since the day we were born, our values, beliefs, and worldview have been determined…

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