Happily Ever After…Reminder to Self

Happily ever after does not exist. There are good days and bad days
A woman shared this with me while waiting to see the ophthalmologist/optometrist, there’s a difference. One day I’ll remember the difference. That’s not the focus here, so let’s move on. She said she warned her daughter right after reading, “Cinderella.” I couldn’t help but think, what a wise woman. Of course, showering a child with bad news would be unfair, but it seems beneficial to forewarn them of what the future WILL hold—good days and bad days. Being realistic should also have a place for you to be optimistic.
It’s important for me–for us to focus on the good days. I believe if we follow this concept we will make it. The good days will tide us over, remember the good days.


2 responses to this post.

  1. Short and simple – totally agreed=)


  2. What an awesome reminder for me! “Remember the good days”. Great post!


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