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All Over the Road! Birthday &Hangouts

Fun Times, Fun Times!

My birthday was nearly 3 months ago. I did get the one thing I had been wanting for a very long time: Tickets to see Jersey Boys! The singers sounded heavenly! I loved it, and It was awesome. It was held downtown at the Peace Center. I was all alone down there; it was a slightly lonely feeling, but whateves I was at the show! No time to dwell on negative things. I even took a picture with a stranger. She was a really nice lady. She had her two friends which reminded me of my two best friends. After the show someone special called me. Highlighe of the night, a stranger sang Happy Birthday to me, so it wasn’t so boring after all. It’s always the small things that get me ❤

Naja came to visit a few weeks ago before basic training.

We had a semi-slumber party:

Found out that Laugh Attacks and Heat Exhaustion really do exist!

Love these chicks!

Love these chicks!

Watched Waiting to Exhale and prayed we’d never be them, LOL. To lighten the mood we watched, The Other Guys! Great movie, and it’s very funny.

Skipped church (pahaha) BUT, we did have an awesome Bible study.

Got lost several times, because someone claimed they didn’t need directions or an address, they remembered how to get there.

Donated blood-funny story!!

Met a guy that will be at basic training with Naja-Coincidence, all right!

Shared secrets we may have never shared if we weren’t face to face. I love my friends


Speaking of sharing secrets, we went for ice cream at Spill The Beans, cool, right!!!

Naja cut her hair, and I had the chance to style it!

We went downtown. But, this time I was not alone—Yeah, I had my girls!!

And I still hate being downtown!


“Naja, watch out for that dog!” Pahaha

I like this picture, Alisa. Don't kill me, keep on smiling girl.

I like this picture, Alisa. Don’t kill me, keep on smiling girl.


Water Falls

Forced Naja and Alisa to listen to my country music, because I was the one driving! “I’m the Queen of the Radio” haha.

In 7 days, Alex will be celebrating his birthday. Happy 24th, kiddo! So glad I met someone equally weird. Congratulations on the new job in Boston! Best wishes. Here’s a hug just for you, lol —> 1382371_10202153821273498_1874752086_n

Here’s the song they were forced to listen to, and don’t worry they secretly liked it:


20 Quick Puns & Jokes That Will Get You A Laugh (Or An Awkward Blank Stare)

Thought Catalog

20 Quick Puns & Jokes That Will Get You A Laugh (Or An Awkward Blank Stare)

These poor attempts at humor are, if nothing else, viable reasons to never invite me to hang out with you in a public environment. Recently I put out 50 Terrible Quick Jokes That’ll Get You A Laugh On Demand and was surprised at how positive the response was. Those were mostly random one-liners that I found all over the internet, but now I want to provide some of the many corny, generally unfunny, wordplay, pun jokes and witticisms I’ve made up myself. Some have been posted to my Twitter previously, but most are brand new one-liners that haven’t appeared yet, which was probably for the best.

1. Crowded gyms with occupied machines are the worst because we’re there to lose weight, not gain wait.

2. When a guy pulls his penis out, he can tell what his partner thinks about his size based on their sighs.

3. For $10…

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50 Terrible, Quick Jokes That’ll Get You A Laugh On Demand

So cheesy, but funny 😉

Thought Catalog

As many of you know, corny jokes that have terrible puns and/or cringe-worthy punchlines some of my favorite things. For example, my Twitter is basically a résumé of the pathetic attempts at humor that people who interact with me daily have to deal with. Here are a couple examples of my bold swings at being funny:

Those nuggets of gold didn’t come out of nowhere, y’all. I love a good joke, especially one that can actually be shared with people when it’s laughs that they seek. The last thing you want is some to say “Tell me a joke,” or to be in a room full of funny…

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A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum!

A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum-this is a great musical! You’ll love it. Check it out 😉
(1) My sister did my hair, but I prefer to wear my natural hair. She seems happy that I’m actually wearing it, so I’ll deal with it for a few days. My supervisor (big bad wolf) just so happened to see me in the store, and she has never seen this style. #Awkward
(2) So, since I was near work I felt I had enough time to drive by work and see what was happening (since the supervisor was out). Sad to say, I had to awkwardly see big bad wolf again. I’m pretty sure she knew I was just being nosy. I thought I had enough time to make a quick getaway #Quadruple Awkwardness.
(3) A girl walked in class, and she looked at me with a confused look. I smiled to mellow the moment out. Still confused, she later looked and said: “Oh, I’m in the wrong class!” I stated what class it was, and told her where she usually sits. Must have been a long weekend for her, lol. Too young to be forgetting stuff like that…
(4) Reedy River Clean Up- I volunteered to clean up a river (pollution). What was I thinking? I nearly fell jumping around on the rocks, the gloves were extra dirty, it was hot, I saw poison ivy, and I immediately felt an itch.  So, I climbed up a hill and left. I’m sorry, but someone else will have to do that. I’ll never do that again. I did find a “money tree” …

Money really does grow on trees!

Money really does grow on trees!

(5) I bought Corn Candy for my sister for her birthday, and I opened it and ate a few. Then, I realized I didn’t like em’. I also re-gifted a make-up bag for her. She’ll be happy. It was wrapped with love. She’s headed to NYC today! My immediate family all seem to be September babies..
(6) For Christmas I will subscribe to 2 magazines!
(7) Alex and Naja mailed me a card. Alex, promised that card years ago. He kept his word, and that is so important to me.  Naja sent me her first letter while in basic training. So, I guess in order to get a card the sender has to graduate and or go to basic training. Made my heart SMILE!
(8) I created a lullaby! Alisa laughed, but it just may be a hit one day. Is there even a hit lullaby…well a famous lullaby. 🙂
(9) ” I had a 5-hour energy drink last night, and I woke up with my hand out in the air waiting for a customer to give me their money”—Jessica (if a customer is in your bedroom at 3 am-RUN)
(10) “From the state where 20 percent of our homes are mobile, because that’s how we roll, I’m Brooke Mosteller, Miss South Carolina.

Okay, she’s not the big bad wolf, but this week she acted like one.

 It has been a great week, and for that I’m grateful.♥♥♥

Declaring Independence

You are Britain
I’ve listed my grievances
You just won’t listen, so I’m saying goodbye.
You’ll see
Watch me break free
Here’s where the new me emerges.
No longer do I have to succomb to you and your demands
I’ve chosen to break free.
You’re Britain, but now I’m free.
I’ve declared my independence.

I had to do a project on the Declaration of Independence, and this came about. I thought about how so many times we can express ourselves to people. We can plainly explain what’s hurting and why we are hurting. If you’re being ignored in any type of relationship, what’s the purpose of continuing that relationship (friendships, etc.)? You’re allowing your heart to be broken repeatedly, why? Break free from any person that’s breaking your heart. No matter the person. You’re always worth being heard. Even Jesus Christ (in all of his glory) wants to listen to you, why would another not? A person that cares about you would not dismiss your feelings.

We can become a slave to so many things in this life, but at some point you’ll need to break free. Free yourself even from yourself, if necessary. Free yourself from your fears, constantly giving in to your desires, and anything that wants to control you. What a powerful feeling to just break free…

CeCe, Baby

CeCe Winans is one of my favorite artist. She has been a favorite since childhood. Then, I realized that there is an entire flock of them (The Winans). I remember playing my mother’s wedding tape over and over. I loved hearing the soloist sing a Winans song. My plan was to practice until I sounded just like her. As we know, some plans just don’t work out. Check out CeCe, baby:
Well, Alright-An encouraging song. I realized I couldn’t dance on this song right here! Hilarious 😛

Pure Beauty, right

The Flock-but CeCe is my favorite!