Declaring Independence

You are Britain
I’ve listed my grievances
You just won’t listen, so I’m saying goodbye.
You’ll see
Watch me break free
Here’s where the new me emerges.
No longer do I have to succomb to you and your demands
I’ve chosen to break free.
You’re Britain, but now I’m free.
I’ve declared my independence.

I had to do a project on the Declaration of Independence, and this came about. I thought about how so many times we can express ourselves to people. We can plainly explain what’s hurting and why we are hurting. If you’re being ignored in any type of relationship, what’s the purpose of continuing that relationship (friendships, etc.)? You’re allowing your heart to be broken repeatedly, why? Break free from any person that’s breaking your heart. No matter the person. You’re always worth being heard. Even Jesus Christ (in all of his glory) wants to listen to you, why would another not? A person that cares about you would not dismiss your feelings.

We can become a slave to so many things in this life, but at some point you’ll need to break free. Free yourself even from yourself, if necessary. Free yourself from your fears, constantly giving in to your desires, and anything that wants to control you. What a powerful feeling to just break free…


3 responses to this post.

  1. Posted by delicatestrength on September 11, 2013 at 4:26 pm

    Loved the powerful message of this post….the feeling of breaking free is true bliss.


    • Ha, tell me about. Sometimes you just have to ignore people, and do your own thing. If I’m going to regret something later in life, you better believe it’s going to be my choice 🙂 Thanks! Okay, one more smiley face 🙂


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