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Can’t Touch This

Touch is important. I will certainly hug someone today.


hammerHave you ever gone through a season without touch? We can easily take it for granted but there are people all around us who are so hungry for a hug, an arm draped over their back, or a hand held.  I remember a time in my life when I could empathize; it was holiday season many years ago, and my guy and I had broken up (before marriage). My extended family had gathered at my parents’ home and we were all couples, except me. Hands were held, hugs were shared and love pats were given but I remained untouched. There was no malice on the part of my family, they just didn’t know how to regard me at the time in my life, and I felt it.

Science has shown us the vital importance of human contact to newborn babies and to the infirm, but Jesus reminds us that the…

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Rundown-Final Part

Naja graduated Basic Training and she’ll be stationed in Korea for an entire year!!! Slightly hurt—really hurt, actually. Praying for the best! Here’s the graduation picture. Congratulations, and to God be the glory for this story. You did it! Fort Jackson, SC


I’ll be working for Thanksgiving as usual, but I’m so fine with that you wouldn’t believe it. I’ll be home for Christmas!! Looking forward to that, and I have something to say about Christmas, but I’ll share that a bit later. I have a job, and to God be the glory for this story.

Curly Sue and Pimple Sue
I heard a song that said: “He loves me pimples and all… Oddly, you can’t see the pimple here, but there’s one on my nose and chin…awww, but He still loves me!!

Rundown of the Showdown

I’ve never been one to celebrate Halloween, because I don’t see a purpose. I guess it’s cool to dress up in costumes, eat free candy, and get super scared without any real danger. I still think I’ll pass.

Trick or Treat, Alex?


I don’t have any tricks, but the treat is I’ll always be your friend, lol.

Spent time with Hillary before she goes off to Kansas (All I could do was think about the Wizard of Oz) She has been such an awesome friend, and I surprised her with a card, sill poem, and Reese’s! We ate a Copper River and shared a pizza! Greenville, SC


Kansas Girl 08!

Kansas Girl 08!


Text logo of Reese's Peanut Butter Cups.

Text logo of Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)



Words to Live By….

November 12, 2013 (11-12-13) Remember these words 😉

Notes from a Southern Kitchen


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22 Things You Should Know By 22

Oh, yeah! This is on point. Hope my niece and little sister sees this when they are 22 🙂 Great points

Rhapsody in Flux

1. Not knowing what you want to do for the rest of your life is okay.

2. Explore multiple options that you never thought you’d consider doing.

3. TAKE RISKS. Go on that trip. Change that major. Find a new job. Just do it.

4. Don’t be afraid to reach out for help. No one gets by in life without a little help.

5. Talk to people on trains — you’ll never know who you’ll just meet.

6. Don’t get stuck in routine. Take a different route to work, spice up your workout playlist, make something new for dinner, put together a new outfit.

7. Friends come and go. The ones you’ll really care for will naturally make it on top of your priority list. This will happen continuously in life.

8. Not everything you do or feel needs to be validated.

9. Realize that a relationship consists of two…

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You’ll Never Know…

Election Day is tomorrow. And by now we all have made a decision on who we are voting for.  Hopefully, a decision has been made.

A guy I know comes up to me and says,

” Hey, Tiwana! So, are you voting?”

“Yes, I’ll be voting.”  By now, I know the next question.

He excitedly shares, ” I’m voting for ______________. Who are you voting for?”

(Hard swallow)

What happened to privacy?!  Some information I share, and some information I don’t share. My decision, right? I’ve always thought if I’m not intrusive, the other person won’t be intrusive. I was wrong. Boy, was I wrong. I understand that some people like sharing their opinions, but in certain cases I simply don’t want to share. It’s usually those cases in which an argument (not a disagreement) can start….or with someone that is clearly way too dominant (or in my words, “rough”) You know what I mean, right? Yes, the people that will strangle you if you don’t agree with them.

I thought about the elderly woman that changed my life and gave me a laugh in the process. Here’s the story. As we were talking, the elderly woman’s doorbell rang. It was a younger man asking the same question that I had been asked. One difference, he was much smoother. He even had a little girl with him. Who isn’t taken away by sweet little children? The elderly woman greeted the little girl. Then, she looked up at the younger man and said, “Sir, it isn’t any of your business who I’m voting for.” She looked at the little girl and whispered, “I’ve decided I’m voting for Mickey Mouse!” The little girl giggled. Of course, the man didn’t find much humor in her response. Okay, okay, she didn’t necessarily change my life, but you get the picture.

My response to the guy at work wasn’t as clever as the elderly woman, but I told him I’d rather not share. The simple and honest answer. I don’t mind you sharing…just don’t expect me to always share. Is the question really that intrusive? Nope, it isn’t. I just don’t want to hear another debate. And, you’ll never know who I voted for. 😉

(This was written in regards to the presidential election of 2013)

By the way, there are new voter identification guidelines! What’s the purpose? I have no idea. Some say for discrimination, I’m not so sure. It’s not all bad, I’d say. Go vote.

How do you feel about others asking you who you will be voting for? Do you mind sharing?