You’ll Never Know…

Election Day is tomorrow. And by now we all have made a decision on who we are voting for.  Hopefully, a decision has been made.

A guy I know comes up to me and says,

” Hey, Tiwana! So, are you voting?”

“Yes, I’ll be voting.”  By now, I know the next question.

He excitedly shares, ” I’m voting for ______________. Who are you voting for?”

(Hard swallow)

What happened to privacy?!  Some information I share, and some information I don’t share. My decision, right? I’ve always thought if I’m not intrusive, the other person won’t be intrusive. I was wrong. Boy, was I wrong. I understand that some people like sharing their opinions, but in certain cases I simply don’t want to share. It’s usually those cases in which an argument (not a disagreement) can start….or with someone that is clearly way too dominant (or in my words, “rough”) You know what I mean, right? Yes, the people that will strangle you if you don’t agree with them.

I thought about the elderly woman that changed my life and gave me a laugh in the process. Here’s the story. As we were talking, the elderly woman’s doorbell rang. It was a younger man asking the same question that I had been asked. One difference, he was much smoother. He even had a little girl with him. Who isn’t taken away by sweet little children? The elderly woman greeted the little girl. Then, she looked up at the younger man and said, “Sir, it isn’t any of your business who I’m voting for.” She looked at the little girl and whispered, “I’ve decided I’m voting for Mickey Mouse!” The little girl giggled. Of course, the man didn’t find much humor in her response. Okay, okay, she didn’t necessarily change my life, but you get the picture.

My response to the guy at work wasn’t as clever as the elderly woman, but I told him I’d rather not share. The simple and honest answer. I don’t mind you sharing…just don’t expect me to always share. Is the question really that intrusive? Nope, it isn’t. I just don’t want to hear another debate. And, you’ll never know who I voted for. 😉

(This was written in regards to the presidential election of 2013)

By the way, there are new voter identification guidelines! What’s the purpose? I have no idea. Some say for discrimination, I’m not so sure. It’s not all bad, I’d say. Go vote.

How do you feel about others asking you who you will be voting for? Do you mind sharing?



2 responses to this post.

  1. Posted by Joe on November 5, 2013 at 9:39 pm

    To be honest, I think our right to keep this information private is sacred. It also serves to protect the individual in a free society. Once information like this is leaked out, you can be discriminated against, pressured or bullied into voting a certain way. We have to protect every single voice and every single opinion in our society, no matter how “small, “unpopular,” or “insignificant” it may seem. This is what our country stands for.

    I usually don’t tell people whom I support because I have noticed that the ones who ask want to argue to try to sway me. And if someone wants information about a candidate, I try to get them the facts as closely and as accurately as possible, and then tell them to make up their own minds.

    Oh — and in the context of this posting, I would vote for Jiminy Cricket. He was supposed to represent our conscience, and lead us toward doing the right thing — which I believe is supremely important.



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