Can’t Touch This

Touch is important. I will certainly hug someone today.


hammerHave you ever gone through a season without touch? We can easily take it for granted but there are people all around us who are so hungry for a hug, an arm draped over their back, or a hand held.  I remember a time in my life when I could empathize; it was holiday season many years ago, and my guy and I had broken up (before marriage). My extended family had gathered at my parents’ home and we were all couples, except me. Hands were held, hugs were shared and love pats were given but I remained untouched. There was no malice on the part of my family, they just didn’t know how to regard me at the time in my life, and I felt it.

Science has shown us the vital importance of human contact to newborn babies and to the infirm, but Jesus reminds us that the…

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