Fleeting Emotions

The heart has its reasons which reason knows not of-Pascal

Sometimes-most times I want to just know the right thing to do. The decision needs to be made and there is no time to think about it. Just tell me what I need to do. I want everything to be in black and white let there be no gray areas. Gray areas leave room for error. If we are honest, by now we know that life is just not that simple. How sweet it would be if it were that simple. This quote talks about how in life we are sometimes conflicted because of what our heart feels and what our mind is actually telling us.

My heart is telling me one thing, but my mind is telling me something else. I know what my heart is telling me may not be correct, but it just feels right. The heart makes decisions based on feelings, but the mind reasons with logic. I’m going off of what I feel. In this case we must remember that the heart can be deceitful. We always hear the term follow your heart, but again our heart pulls from emotions, and our emotions change quite often. So, the right decision for that moment may not be the right decision for your future.

In life and whatever I may go through I would only hope that in my time of distress, in those conflicting moments, in those times in which I want to make the irrational decision to follow my heart– I can only hope to open my eyes and realize I may not be making the right decision. It is an easy mistake to be made, and I can attest to the fact that I have certainly been there. In time we live and we learn.  We live to see the mistakes the heart can make and we learn to make decisions not based off of the fleeting emotions of the heart.


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