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The Chicken vs The Turkey

Happy Thanksgiving. Let us give thanks for the wins and losses. Let us even give thanks for the things we don’t understand… like why we actually eat turkey on Thanksgiving and not chicken like we always do.

Love YOU,



Country Strong!

As this year comes to a close (FINALLY) I can only think of how stressful it has been. I’ve had to deal with coming to the realization that I literally hate my job, my supervisor frequently adds to my stress level. I’m working two jobs: one I hate and the other I absolutely adore! I would never recommend working two jobs, but my goal is to land a full time position with the one I enjoy. Plus, a girls gotta do what a girls gotta do. “My mama taught me that y’all” But, may God’s will be done. I have been on so many interviews this year I’ve lost count. I have gotten a few of the jobs I’ve aimed for, but I am also reminded that if you jump too soon things can become worse than they already are. Since I’m too familiar with the consequences of jumping too soon, I’ve been extra careful with making decisions. On top of that, I’ve been doing so much with school and researching and making it to class, which isn’t so bad. I have gained feelings I never thought possible, had to deny myself certain pleasures. I understand now more than ever what it means to not engage or indulge in desires of the flesh. Should you really eat because you THINK you’re hungry? Should you keep eating the tasty chocolate ice cream? See, there has to be limits, has to be boundaries. What I’m saying is I’ve felt the sting of saying no to something I started to desire more and more of. I’ve learned a dear friend is moving, felt the pain of not having my friends in place when I needed them the most, and I’ve also chopped my hair off trying to be Ms Au Naturale, and I laughed and sobbed…the tears didn’t fall, but my heart dropped. We will see what will happen next. LOL

I’ve had to actually ask for help in so many different areas of my life, which is very different for me. But truth be told we all need help at times, and I’m happy that there were people in place to offer me help. I’ve even started putting myself out there in spite of my absolute fear of rejection. People, rejection hurts. Reaching out to people scares me, but I’ve been doing it. I’m trying to gain a thicker skin 😉
In all of this cow manure ( I don’t use profanity, so sometimes I get creative, LOL) I’ve realized I’m much stronger than I thought. Getting back to “my mama” she taught me so many things in life, God, most importantly has given me strength to press through in any situation. So, despite my soft voice, my tears when I grow tired and frustrated, even the shaky voice when I have to confront people. I am a survivor, and I’ll never give up no matter what. And I know that seasons change! I’m excited about the new season. I don’t know when the season will change, but I know that it will. I’m excited, because I’m excited! Woohoo

*Thank you,  Tone ❤