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Earth Angels

His name is Jealous. What a love? Let us enjoy His love, and the opportunity He has given us to enjoy our lives while here on earth 🙂

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So often, we Christians can try to be so focused on what is earthly and temporal that we forget what’s in Heaven and therefore eternal.

However, some of us swing hard in the other direction, and try to be so dang spiritual that we forget that God did indeed create wonderful experiences for us to have here on Earth.

See, I’m a Super-Christian, so I’ve swung on both sides of the pendulum.

I can think of no better example than in romance.

(Bt-dubs yes, this is the Valentine’s day post over a week late)

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See, there’s no doubt about it, when God says He loves us with an eternal love, a jealous love, a love that wold die for each and every one of us, He says it to romance our hearts.

Read Hosea 2;14

Therefore I am now going to allure…

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Loving You!

November 2012
As you know everything I seem to want, either is comes late or it doesn’t seem to come at all. I’m late with anything that I can’t control—always the late bloomer. Late first date, late first kiss, you know the deal. My attention was always on the future. I just could not live for the moment. The moment was too brief. I focused on the future and making the prudent choice. After all, where else should I place my focus? High school came and went, and everyone I knew seemed to have flirted with romance. I stood in the corner and watched. Temporary was tempting, but I felt my heart couldn’t bare a temporary ‘love’. So, I automatically knew I needed forever from the one I’d give into. Many said I was different, and let’s face it they’re absolutely right. I prayed that one day I would gain the Love my heart yearned for. God knew what I wanted and I trusted his time and his plan. Doing it on my own was too risky, so I waited…and one day something happened.
You laugh, but I really did have you with my stuttered, “hello.” I still remember the moment. I wanted to run and hide when my words wouldn’t come together. Though, it is not unusual for my words to not come together when I’m in front of people. Yet, you were different. Unlike most people you waited for my words with patience and understanding and with a smile. You didn’t laugh at me. You didn’t have pity in your eyes, you just waited. You are one smooth fellow, Seth, my love. Thank you for every moment you so patiently handle with me.
Nothing is more calming, more thrilling than being able to laugh without reserve. To laugh and throw my head back, allow my knees to buckle, allow the tears to come from my eyes, and to lean on your shoulders because I’m too weak to stand from laughter. I walked in the gym and looked around at everyone. They all seemed so fit, it was very intimidating. Then, our eyes met and you said, “The most annoying thing is seeing those people here that are in exceptionally good shape. Doesn’t it just make you feel like screaming, GO HOME! You’re done.” You always find a way to make me laugh. I love you for that. It’s one of your many comforting gifts. Thank you for every hearty laugh, even the times when you weren’t even trying.
I wanted to do it one way, and you kept suggesting we do it another way. Here we are in a debate, a disagreement. It never becomes an argument with you. I’ve never thanked you for that, so thank you for not arguing with me. You made it very clear in the beginning that you will not argue. I finally understand why. In an argument, respect can be discarded, but in a debate we can both safely express ourselves. Sometimes, I’m right, and sometimes I’m wrong, and the same with you. In the times that you are wrong, you know how to apologize. You’re such a man, boy. With my whole heart, I thank you for respecting me enough, for loving me enough to handle my feelings with care-for not yelling at me-for not ignoring me-for not crushing me with a poisonous tone or harsh words  ❤
Hearing your, “I love you’s” is nice. I need to see it, feel it, and yes, sometimes hear it. I feel your love when you cook the teriyaki chicken that never comes out right. You tried. I love your effort. Remember, the autumn day when all the leaves were on the ground…you looked back with your hands held out and said, “Honey, grab my hand, you’ll fall with all of these leaves on the ground.” As you were looking back to grab my hand you fell flat on your hinny. Oh, how I laughed that day! Thank you for taking the fall, literally. I love your consideration. Thinking about others is what it is about. Budgeting together was always so frustrating. I couldn’t figure it out, and you taught me how to budget our finances. Thank you for putting your ear to my heart and listening to the hurts, the frustrations, and every other thing that I couldn’t stand to explain. You’ve taught me so many things. But, I’m STILL smarter than you, okay 😉
Seth, sweetheart, you are everything I need and want. I can hear you say those corny “I love you more than phrases”. I love you more than snakes love the grass. I love you more than the sun likes to shine. I love you more than the clouds love the sky. You are so corny, man, but I understand every word from your lips when you express your love to me. I’m glad I bypassed the imitation love and waited on the real deal with you. Love never ends, so I love you forever. Thank you for being a friend that I can call on and for extending to me a love that I can depend on.
I’m looking at you as you stare in the mirror with sleepy eyes getting ready for work. You’re shaving. Thank God, you’re shaving today. I don’t like stubble. You’re so handsome, and though looks fade in time, you’ll always be the cover of my magazine. You’re mine and I’m yours. Although, you don’t like the music I like here is a song just for you…I think the artist stole the words from heart, because every word is what I feel for you. The lyrics are exactly what I feel when I think of you. Thank you for choosing to love me the right way a man should love a woman. Thank you for being a man after God’s heart first and coming after mine with all you’ve got.

“All I’ll Ever Ask”
Love means so many different things
But you’re all that matters
And this is all I’ll ever ask of you
Tell me your dreams, so they can be mine too
Let me be there to help them come true
Tell me your fears, when you feel afraid
Come to my arms let me rock them away
That’s all I’ll ever ask, that’s all I’ll ever ask
Thats all I’ll ever ask, of you
Come to my shoulder when you need to weep
Wake me up, when you cannot sleep
Talk to me, when you want to be heard
Be silent with me, when you can’t say a word
I can’t swear you’ll never have to cry another tear
But when ever you want someone to hold you, I’m always right here
So just come to me for anything at all, call my name, it’s yours to call
Feel my faith in you when you can’t find your own
And always remember you’re never alone
That’s all I’ll ever ask, that’s all I’ll ever ask”