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His name is Jealous. What a love? Let us enjoy His love, and the opportunity He has given us to enjoy our lives while here on earth 🙂

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So often, we Christians can try to be so focused on what is earthly and temporal that we forget what’s in Heaven and therefore eternal.

However, some of us swing hard in the other direction, and try to be so dang spiritual that we forget that God did indeed create wonderful experiences for us to have here on Earth.

See, I’m a Super-Christian, so I’ve swung on both sides of the pendulum.

I can think of no better example than in romance.

(Bt-dubs yes, this is the Valentine’s day post over a week late)

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See, there’s no doubt about it, when God says He loves us with an eternal love, a jealous love, a love that wold die for each and every one of us, He says it to romance our hearts.

Read Hosea 2;14

Therefore I am now going to allure…

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