Different Views.

We all see things differently and that is an okay thing until something that you have deemed worth seeing is missed by another person. I was talking with a friend about how I felt about the Baltimore riots in the Freddie Gray case and she disagreed. It is okay to disagree. Black lives matter—all lives matter. I have never had any significant issues with cops, but I have seen cops abuse their authority. I believe something happened in the Freddie Gray case and the cops did what most people do when they make a mistake—they tried to cover it up. I do not think the cops intentionally wanted this to be the outcome, so I feel for the family of Freddie Gray as well as the cops. I have never had to deal with a combative person and nor has my friend. I guess we have all said, “If I could turn back the hands of time…”

…no matter the frustration, no matter your authority we should all be treated with respect. Even when someone is disrespecting you that does not give you the right to disrespect them.

I started my new job April 17th. What amazed me the most is exactly a year before I was on an interview that seemed promising, and I was offered the job but something seemed too taxing. I became frustrated, but God made it happen for me. The new job is with Dept. of Social Services, so I said goodbye to public health (Dept. of Health &Environmental Control). I also said goodbye to the job I have had for five years. The job that prompted me to move on and apply for other jobs J I miss my old coworkers, but as I stated in the previous post…sometimes you have to say goodbye.

…here’s to new beginning and embracing the newness of it all


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  1. Posted by anita ibeakanma on May 7, 2015 at 8:19 am

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    As our faces are different, same goes for our views. The way we think remains the way we live. If we have a paradigm shift, we can have a life shift.


  2. I have seen both sides. I have seen them exceed their authority. I even recall a former cop tell me about some of the things he’d do to get people to confess to things that they probably didn’t really do (which is probably why he’s former and not still serving). I also have seen cops do heroic things and live up to their oath with full integrity. There’s a heightened level of attention right now, so all the incidents of bad cops that keep getting reported overshadow any of the good ones who are doing their jobs with pride. Continued prosperity to you on your new job.


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