Day 15

There is a 30-day blog challenge going around, and I think it’s great. I have selected Day 15 which asks that I list 15 interesting things about myself. See how random I am? Also, I’m going to add a twist. I am sharing 20 interesting things instead of 15 things about myself, HA!

  1. I love how I have the ability to show genuine love for others…
  2. Fresh cherries are my favorite fruit.
  3. For years I was ashamed about things that didn’t even matter.
  4. I love having the closed captioning on the screen when I’m watching television.
  5. I dislike when the waiter adds drink to my cup when I’m out at a restaurant. I usually never want a refill, and if it’s refilled you’ve now thrown off the taste of my drink.
  6. I have only sent food back once at a restaurant (that happened last week, proud moment) LOL
  7. Music is awesome and to me there is a song for every situation. Most of my favorite artist others have never even heard of ❤
  8. Text messaging to me is fun but only if the person is just as quick and sarcastic as I am. I generally use emojis in every text EXCEPT with old people and job related things.
  9. I’m a very private person.
  10. If I need something I would rather break my own back to get it than to have to ask someone else for help. Not a pride thing…I just never want to be a burden on others. I’m working on this.
  11. I would go to war for my immediate family and closest friends.
  12. I love corny jokes and corny people.
  13. When I say that I’m socially awkward I mean it, lol. I’m so glad others don’t know what is going on in my head.
  14. If ANY assumingly single guy asks for my number even if I am not interested I am still giving him my number. I’m not going to lead him on, and he will DEFINITELY recognize that I’m not interested. Either I’m not going to answer or I will take forever and a day to respond. I hate to ignore people. But, there have been times when the guy just wouldn’t stop, in those cases I’m honest and upfront in explaining that I’m not interested. “argh”
  15.   I dislike anything wet touching me
  16.  I must have on socks if my feet are touching the floor if not it feels funny.
  17. Love avocados!
  18. I remember things other people tend to forget and to not appear so weird I keep it to myself usually. For example, I know birthdays and anniversaries and can remember conversations from years ago. Oh, but I can’t remember music lyrics or poems.
  19. I dislike summertime and I wish Winter was year-round. I want it to be so cold that I can’t feel my toes. And, I live in South Carolina…so, yeah my wish is never coming true. I adore windy days and winter.
  20. I love to laugh! In elementary school I got in trouble, because I would not stop laughing in class. My mom was notified, other than that I was the model student. Haha <—There I go laughing again!

This was fun, and I hope that you have enjoyed getting to know me. I encourage you to share a few things about yourself as well. Because, you’re special just the way you are.


5 responses to this post.

  1. lmao I love how you just picked a day to write about – THAT is awesome. We have #4, #5, #10, #12, and #13 (omg yes) in common. Please describe how #6 went down lol – choice of words and everything. I laughed my butt off at #5 and #20, I swear I can see this happening. I would love to see your reaction to #5 too haha. And #19 actually surprised me! You’re one of the only people I’ve ever met that shares a similar love for Winter – one reason why I love Chicago. I am not fond of frozen toes but other than that… lol


    • Lol, usually I say no thanks. But, some waitresses will just go ahead and pour. I’m so polite I give my awkward smile and say thank then I usually look at the person that I am having a meal with and voice my complaint. I mean I can have just a sip and I’ll still say no thanks. They just look at me like…weirdo. Ha.


  2. I love discovering new artists, so always try to ask people what/who they are listening to. Would be interested to know who your favorites are and why.
    LOL re 14- you not turning down guys. I usually go with the “I’m not interested” because I don’t like giving out my number “just because” but then that sparks some guys to be like “Can I ask why?” or some other form of explaining that I don’t owe anyone! It’s always an awkward situation.
    re 19- Don’t wanna move further up North?


  3. So to avoid the awkward encounter I give my number, and I act all boring and respond late, and uninterested. So, they usually get it. Yay. Lol I just don’t like hurting others. And, I would like to move it’s just scary and I’m not sure where I’d like to move.
    Let’s so…music…I’m all excited to share lol.
    Johnathan McReynolds
    Jess Glynn, Lalah Hathaway, India Arie, Committed, Paramore, Vince Kidd, Avery Wilson the vine vidoes lol, Chantae Cann, Ledisi, Tamia! Jessi J and I could so go on…I love those underground artist haha


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