Eve Un-yoked

It’s after 5pm.
A figure hurriedly rushes past my desk and goes into the sample room.

They are on a call confirming that they won’t be ready by six o’clock.
I hear her say she may need some extra time.

I can only hear one side of this mobile conversation, but I hear her disappointment seconds later when she follows with: “oh, well, you wouldn’t have been here by six anyway…”

The conversation continues and she says, “..but that’s still over an hour away, so there is no way you would have gotten here anyway.”

I look at the clock. It’s just about 5:30. The conversation continues.
I’m still at my desk putting my phone in my handbag, when I hear the emotion.
No idea whats being said, but tears are involved. I take a deep breath.

Krystal, I think to myself, its not your business.
Then suddenly I…

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