Hot Days

Today was hot.

Too hot

Utterly hot.

A client at work decided to question everything I did which annoyed me terribly.

And, today was hot.

Eventually I cooled down. I’m home now. I hope tomorrow is not  as “hot”….

Side bar: My friend has the last name Pitts, so we made a “Pitt” stop at QT…haha, get it? Simmering down as I drink my QT icee….yay



4 responses to this post.

  1. Glad you’re home. I know it’s irritating when someone questions you that way. Have a nice evening.


    • Yes, and what people fail to realize is that we get asked the same questions over and over. And, sometimes we fail to realize that each client is different. I was patient but deep down I was cringing as she asked each question. I wanted to do my job without allowing her to share her thoughts and feelings. I was in a rush…I was in the wrong. Thank you. you too…I dislike summer/heat 😦 but there’s a purpose for it all.


      • Wow! I’m impressed at how you turned the mirror around to reflect on yourself instead of your patient. Go girl! But I feel you on the heat – makes everything intolerable lol.

      • Haha, I’m in air right now so the outside world doesn’t matter. Lol kidding. Happy first day of summer!

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