A wise woman wishes to be no one’s enemy; a wise woman REFUSES to be anyone’s victim ” – Maya


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  1. Very insightful! I feel like I need to step my Maya Angelou game up. I’ve never read anything from her outside of what I’ve been exposed to through others. I know that’s horrible but 😦 . Are you a fan of her work?


    • Say what?! I’ve been feeling blah all day today, but you ma’am have made my mouth drop to the floor. She is incredible, her words, her dancing, and even her singing. She’s such a woman ♡
      I miss wordpress. But, I’ve been so busy with nothingness. Lol how are you?


      • lmbo I know I know, I’m ashamed. I should take a month to just learn all about her. I miss WP too but I’ve been on summer break from it. I think we all need that to regenerate, you know? Plus, WP is time consuming lol. I was neglecting a lot of my life goals and that’s no good. I’m great though! Super happy and experimenting with lots of things (makeup, clothes, hobbies, visiting family, etc.). How are you? Whats going on in your world?

      • Dealing with little boys that claim to be men, trying not to let misanthropy consume me, enjoying the 27th year of life, experiencing the little pieces of heaven we sometimes get, and I’ve tried a new lip color. I’ve gotten a few compliments on that, too! I like a more natural look, and I’m very lowkey but I’ve learned that sometimes you’ve just got to go ahead and POP…share the sunshine within 😉 👌 👍 ☺ still learning how to life life, girly.

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