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Hot Days

Today was hot.

Too hot

Utterly hot.

A client at work decided to question everything I did which annoyed me terribly.

And, today was hot.

Eventually I cooled down. I’m home now. I hope tomorrow is not  as “hot”….

Side bar: My friend has the last name Pitts, so we made a “Pitt” stop at QT…haha, get it? Simmering down as I drink my QT icee….yay




A perfect life makes horrible art. You want to  be able to create art.👌💯#ChrisRock


Coming Soon!

…Hope deferred maketh the heart sick BUT when the desire cometh, it is a tree of life. Proverbs 13:12
People will disappoint you, life will let you down in a million ways, and some days you will feel like you can’t catch a break. Truth is we don’t always get what we want, but hold on, it IS coming!!!
Whatever it may be, it is coming sooner than you think. And, when it comes your heart will leap in praise. You’ll rejoice. Your hands will raise, eyes will become teary, jaws will swell because you’re so full of joy that you can’t help but smile from ear to ear. You’ll remember the lack, the drought, and you’ll remember what it feels like to be without your hearts desire.
But in the moment to come your desire will come!! 🎀🎁🎊 Be encouraged. I know it feels like forever ⏳⏰➿Tie a knot, and hold on tight, it’s coming. 😚💕👌
Wait for it, xoxo



I have everything backwards
I just expect too much from people
If I could, I would
Do everything differently,
Im just too naive
I’m the one who’s wrong
I’ll be the exception
To societies expectations,
Maybe, just maybe …


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Country Strong!

As this year comes to a close (FINALLY) I can only think of how stressful it has been. I’ve had to deal with coming to the realization that I literally hate my job, my supervisor frequently adds to my stress level. I’m working two jobs: one I hate and the other I absolutely adore! I would never recommend working two jobs, but my goal is to land a full time position with the one I enjoy. Plus, a girls gotta do what a girls gotta do. “My mama taught me that y’all” But, may God’s will be done. I have been on so many interviews this year I’ve lost count. I have gotten a few of the jobs I’ve aimed for, but I am also reminded that if you jump too soon things can become worse than they already are. Since I’m too familiar with the consequences of jumping too soon, I’ve been extra careful with making decisions. On top of that, I’ve been doing so much with school and researching and making it to class, which isn’t so bad. I have gained feelings I never thought possible, had to deny myself certain pleasures. I understand now more than ever what it means to not engage or indulge in desires of the flesh. Should you really eat because you THINK you’re hungry? Should you keep eating the tasty chocolate ice cream? See, there has to be limits, has to be boundaries. What I’m saying is I’ve felt the sting of saying no to something I started to desire more and more of. I’ve learned a dear friend is moving, felt the pain of not having my friends in place when I needed them the most, and I’ve also chopped my hair off trying to be Ms Au Naturale, and I laughed and sobbed…the tears didn’t fall, but my heart dropped. We will see what will happen next. LOL

I’ve had to actually ask for help in so many different areas of my life, which is very different for me. But truth be told we all need help at times, and I’m happy that there were people in place to offer me help. I’ve even started putting myself out there in spite of my absolute fear of rejection. People, rejection hurts. Reaching out to people scares me, but I’ve been doing it. I’m trying to gain a thicker skin 😉
In all of this cow manure ( I don’t use profanity, so sometimes I get creative, LOL) I’ve realized I’m much stronger than I thought. Getting back to “my mama” she taught me so many things in life, God, most importantly has given me strength to press through in any situation. So, despite my soft voice, my tears when I grow tired and frustrated, even the shaky voice when I have to confront people. I am a survivor, and I’ll never give up no matter what. And I know that seasons change! I’m excited about the new season. I don’t know when the season will change, but I know that it will. I’m excited, because I’m excited! Woohoo

*Thank you,  Tone ❤

Fleeting Emotions

The heart has its reasons which reason knows not of-Pascal

Sometimes-most times I want to just know the right thing to do. The decision needs to be made and there is no time to think about it. Just tell me what I need to do. I want everything to be in black and white let there be no gray areas. Gray areas leave room for error. If we are honest, by now we know that life is just not that simple. How sweet it would be if it were that simple. This quote talks about how in life we are sometimes conflicted because of what our heart feels and what our mind is actually telling us.

My heart is telling me one thing, but my mind is telling me something else. I know what my heart is telling me may not be correct, but it just feels right. The heart makes decisions based on feelings, but the mind reasons with logic. I’m going off of what I feel. In this case we must remember that the heart can be deceitful. We always hear the term follow your heart, but again our heart pulls from emotions, and our emotions change quite often. So, the right decision for that moment may not be the right decision for your future.

In life and whatever I may go through I would only hope that in my time of distress, in those conflicting moments, in those times in which I want to make the irrational decision to follow my heart– I can only hope to open my eyes and realize I may not be making the right decision. It is an easy mistake to be made, and I can attest to the fact that I have certainly been there. In time we live and we learn.  We live to see the mistakes the heart can make and we learn to make decisions not based off of the fleeting emotions of the heart.

Why is it Well?

It is well with me, it is well with my soul?
Who says such a line after their child dies? The Shunamite woman said it! 2 Kings 4:8-37
How is it well when something so painful has happened?
First, let’s take a look at this woman, and what a woman she was. Okay, she constrains Elisha to eat bread. I’m guessing she made Elisha feel so welcomed that each time he was in Shunem he stopped in for more bread or maybe the bread was just that delicious! She then tells her husband that she perceives Elisha (a prophet) to be a holy man.
So, she consults with her husband and the two made a room, a fully furnished room for Elisha. Each time he came their way he had a place to eat and sleep. Clearly, she knew the definition of hospitality.
Elisha, so appreciative asked her how he could show his gratitude. I never know how a person can repay me for what I’ve done. I guess a thank you is sufficient. It is important to acknowledge what a person has done for you, but how can one repay another person. Gehazi, the servant of Elisha, noticed she was without child and her husband was old. So, was she not old just like her husband?
Elisha tells the Shunamite woman that this time next season she would have a child, a son. Quickly, she stated,” Nay, my Lord, thou man of God, do not lie unto thy handmaid.” It sounds so unbelievable she calls Elisha her Lord then says don’t lie to me. It almost feels like an oxymoron. But, when something sounds so great, we all say “Are you kidding me?” He wasn’t kidding. She had a son, just as the prophet had said. When the child was grown, he complained of his head (aching). The father sent him back to his mother. It was noon, and the boy died on the knees of his mother. Can you imagine your loved one dying on your arms, what a helpless feeling…
She picked up her grown son and carried him into the room she had made for Elisha. It is unclear how old her son is. But, where did she get the strength to carry a grown son up to lay him on the bed? She consulted her husband again, told him it shall be well, and she went speedily to the man of God, speedily. She even told the servant not to slow down unless she tells him to. This woman took matters into her own hands. Here I am wondering if I give orders how will I be perceived. She gave orders that day.
Her soul was vexed, yet she said it is well. The Lord hid it from Elisha, I wonder why, hmmm?
She told Elisha she wasn’t leaving until he came with her back home to see about her son, Elisha arose and followed her….Elisha shut the door on the mother and his servant and he prayed. The child was now alive!
With Christ no matter what happens, it is well, it is well, it is well. I hope to be in that place where I’m able to dry my eyes and boldly proclaim, “IT IS WELL.” It takes faith in the God of heaven to say such a profound line especially after such a profound occurrence.

Here is what I learned:

Elisha, the prophet, asked the Shunamite woman what he could do to bless her. He decided to prophesy that she would have a son. So, my question was if prophesy comes from God, how does Elisha just says this is what will be and it happens?

Answer: The Lord will back up the word that comes out of the mouth of his manservant (prophet) as long as it is in His will, and the manservant is living a righteous life. So, we can speak things in to existence, Elisha spoke this into existence. This is my interpretation. I’ll be back if along the way I’m corrected in anyway.

Isaiah 44:24-26 (I have to go with the amplified version on this one, because I was a little confused and needed some clarification). Thank God for clarity!

“This is what the Lord says—     your Redeemer, who formed you in the womb:

I am the Lord,     the Maker of all things,     who stretches out the heavens,     who spreads out the earth by myself, 25 who foils the signs of false prophets     and makes fools of diviners, who overthrows the learning of the wise     and turns it into nonsense, 26 who carries out the words of his servants