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The Real Me

I have been really busy working on a special project at work, and I am exhausted. It is finally coming to an end. The women that also ended up on the project were not really the usual people that I talk to in the office. One of the women on the project actually told me that I only talked to her when we went to our assigned counties together on Tuesdays. She said “and, that’s only because we are in the van together.”  We both laughed, because she is absolutely correct.  I am pretty quiet and it takes some time before I warm up to you. During this project we bonded over music, television shows, childhood memories, and so much more. By the end of the project I realized that sometimes we simply have to share our true selves with others. It is okay to share the real you. I have spent so much time in my own head or in my own world that I have failed to share with others just who I really am.

Someone told me “Tiwana, I would have never known how funny you were if you never came out of your shell. I’m glad that you decided to come out of your shell.”

Truth be told…I’m glad I’m coming out of me shell too. Some people will like this “new” me and some will not. This new me is the real me. The me I am consciously attempting to showcase. But, I like me…perhaps you’ll like me too.

You know #TheRealMe. The one that people cannot see……

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True Colors

True Colors

A few weeks ago we took a personality test at work (True Colors). With the personality test we were given a series of questions and we were then placed at a table based on our color. Our color was based on our response to the questions.  I am gold, so people who are GOLD as their primary color like to belong. They tend to be reliable people who enjoy serving others. Things that are very important to them are tradition, home and family. They need order and structure, and are loyal and generous by nature. They are comfortable with rules and routine, and require punctuality and organization. They don’t like waste or change. They tend to plan ahead.

There were four colors: Gold, Blue, Orange, and Green

Here is an explanation of each color:

My score was: 23- GOLD



19- BLUE






Tell me what color you THINK you are below!



Committed-It Is Well

Here is the video…Great song! This is not the original version. 🙂
My favorite part is where it says, “what will my life be like now?” Tragedy has a way of making you ask that question. The song goes on to say I do know that if it is what you have allowed I do know that I can handle it…so while in my storm I’ll proudly proclaim that, It is well with me…Again, with Christ it is well.

Technology Will Never Replace LOVE

Short video as a reminder of what is most important in life 🙂 1 John 3:18

Right on Schedule!

Everything is right on schedule. God’s plan will not be stopped by the enemy! How amazing is that?

The only way to save people is that someone has to be crucified

The real me was covered by the blood, you can hit my flesh, my mind, but my spirit man is covered by the blood.

All very important points, please check out this video! I actually watched it on July 1st when it was published, and I thought that was fascinating!

My birthday is coming up, so excited! Hallelujah, may God continue to keep me covered by His blood.
Ecclesiastes 3:1
To every thing there is a season, and a time to every purpose under the heaven:
Sometimes we wonder why things are not happening quick enough, but it is important to remember that there are seasons for everything. Eventually the seasons change.

Part 2-Check it out and you won’t be disappointed!

Part 3-Amazing, check it out!

“Death Ain’t Nothing”

There is no time limit on how long you should be angry or sad; No time limit on emotions…period. I will say with any negative emotion you literally have to fight through it to keep your sanity. This week someone pretty close to me died, he was the one that introduced me to Christ. I skimmed Facebook knowing all my acquaintances would be updating everyone on how sad they were or how they hope that he rests in peace. I don’t believe it is a place to share something like death especially before the family members has the chance. I am aware that everyone grieves differently, but what comfort can you get from reaching through Facebook?

To each his own, I suppose.

And while we are on death, let’s talk about the “wake”. In the South we refer to it as a “setting up/sitting up (just depends on how country you are ha-ha)” and that is just what you do—sit up with the family. I am one of those people that are easily drained when I’m around people for prolonged periods, so please just go home. Please. I understand it is a tradition and you want to help but visiting hours will be posted, so follow my wishes please. I will need time away from everyone else, so please don’t take it personally. I looked around at certain family members and I noticed that some of them need people to come and “sit up” with them to get their mind off of the negative emotions, to get their mind off of death. Please don’t share with me any clichés about death either. Just be quiet with me. If you must come over, let’s just sit.

“It’ll be alright” “God picked the best” “God won’t put more on us than we can bear”
Sure it’s easy to say death ain’t nothing, and believers are with Christ, resting in peace, but it still hurts.
No one really knows how you feel when a loved one dies, which is why no one ever knows what to say. Because the “common denominator” is the simple fact that we are humans –we have an idea of the pain you’re experiencing. This is why I cry when you cry, I feel your pain. When words can’t help you it’s a peace, a joy in knowing that God sent a comforter for us all. The comforter feels what we feel, and understands our every cry. When babies cry the mother predicts what the child wants or needs, but God simply knows. He knows. And sometimes only God can give comfort and mere humans just won’t cut it. But, thank you for the effort, I’ll remember the effort…

Here is some comedic relief from one of my favorite plays: Fence by August Wilson 🙂

CeCe, Baby

CeCe Winans is one of my favorite artist. She has been a favorite since childhood. Then, I realized that there is an entire flock of them (The Winans). I remember playing my mother’s wedding tape over and over. I loved hearing the soloist sing a Winans song. My plan was to practice until I sounded just like her. As we know, some plans just don’t work out. Check out CeCe, baby:
Well, Alright-An encouraging song. I realized I couldn’t dance on this song right here! Hilarious 😛

Pure Beauty, right

The Flock-but CeCe is my favorite!