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I have everything backwards
I just expect too much from people
If I could, I would
Do everything differently,
Im just too naive
I’m the one who’s wrong
I’ll be the exception
To societies expectations,
Maybe, just maybe …


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Return to Sender!

Here I was waiting and hoping for something to cling to.

Increasingly desperate, and then you came with your charming charm

The words you wrote, the words you spoke, it all almost became the captain of my life, and it all almost led me to the very place I thought I’d never go

Increasingly broken, I realized the words you wrote, the words you spoke They were all from me
Aware of the damage I saw where I was going, so I cracked the mirror and became a new me
Positive and strong
Beautiful and smart
Sophisticated and ready

Goodbye to every harsh word I almost allowed you to write on my heart. I choose to let them all drift into the sea


* Growing up I would always hear the children that were being bullied say, “Sticks and stones may break my bones, but words will never hurt me.” It’s easy to chant that, but our heart has a completely different reaction to harsh words. Some people say we become immune to it, but I disagree. I will say if the words don’t uplift you, then, throw it in the garbage where it belongs. You are not a trash can, you are beautifully and wonderfully made. Harsh words don’t always have to come from others they can come from us…yes, us.

Writing Topic: You discover a letter on a path that affects you deeply. Today, write about this encounter. And your twist? Be as succinct as possible.

Can I Handle the Truth?

No LiesLet consistent truth reign over every word.
Sprinkle each line with love, because it’s a reflection of you.
Give no pass to a lie let it be a wingless bird.
Let love spew out like the morning dew.
When the thoughts and stares of others begin to evoke the slightest of scares
Though the fire is hot continue through and lie not
Let Honesty compel like childhood dares
Here’s a secret: Truth is always the winning spot!
Scream, No admittance to a lie, knowing the hurt a lie can cause
Always deny the desire to beam and shine through sly deceit
Avoiding the need to lie with no hesitation or pause
May integrity caress you from your head to your feet.
Gird your tongue with love
And always wear truth as the winning glove.

The truth sets you free. I’m a fanatic for truth. The famous quote, “You can’t handle the truth” pops in my mind from time to time. I’m one to tell you I don’t need you to try and protect me. If I ask you for the truth, do just that–give me truth. I’ve even heard many people say, “If a lie is going to get me through…” as if the truth was so unbearable. I agree the truth can hurt you to the core, but not knowing the truth hurts worse, for me at least. What about you? How do you feel?

Gentle, Gentle Man

He’s always been a gentle, gentle man

She wore happiness and a white dress

He wore love and a black tux

His eyes spoke of ineffable joy

Her smile hinted a need for certainty

Fear hugged her tightly

Her mind accepted fear and consequently filled her every motion with ambiguity

He was ready

Why was she not?

Hands held, eyes meeting

Still, she needed assurance.

At the altar they stood

He placed his hands where they needed to be

Gave her a hug of just the right quantity

All fear subsided

With the touch from her gentle, gentle man.




Bada Bing, Bada Boom

Here we go and so and so
End of the year and Christmas bliss Look at me in the mirror SMiLE on my face, Christmas music in the background taking me to a magical time and place I’m so happy I’ll pretend I like eggnog I’ll fight through the brain fog and when sleep hints I’ll remember this SMiLE on my face, Christmas music in the background and all the time spent in this magical time and place. I don’t want such a moment to end, but time goes on. Here we go and so and so. Ah, the end
of the year and Christmas bliss… May the new year bring forth increasing joy, increasing patience, increasing love, and increasing strength to endure all that life may bring!

2014 a knockin’…time goes on