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…Hope deferred maketh the heart sick BUT when the desire cometh, it is a tree of life. Proverbs 13:12
People will disappoint you, life will let you down in a million ways, and some days you will feel like you can’t catch a break. Truth is we don’t always get what we want, but hold on, it IS coming!!!
Whatever it may be, it is coming sooner than you think. And, when it comes your heart will leap in praise. You’ll rejoice. Your hands will raise, eyes will become teary, jaws will swell because you’re so full of joy that you can’t help but smile from ear to ear. You’ll remember the lack, the drought, and you’ll remember what it feels like to be without your hearts desire.
But in the moment to come your desire will come!! 🎀🎁🎊 Be encouraged. I know it feels like forever ⏳⏰➿Tie a knot, and hold on tight, it’s coming. 😚💕👌
Wait for it, xoxo



Eve Un-yoked

It’s after 5pm.
A figure hurriedly rushes past my desk and goes into the sample room.

They are on a call confirming that they won’t be ready by six o’clock.
I hear her say she may need some extra time.

I can only hear one side of this mobile conversation, but I hear her disappointment seconds later when she follows with: “oh, well, you wouldn’t have been here by six anyway…”

The conversation continues and she says, “..but that’s still over an hour away, so there is no way you would have gotten here anyway.”

I look at the clock. It’s just about 5:30. The conversation continues.
I’m still at my desk putting my phone in my handbag, when I hear the emotion.
No idea whats being said, but tears are involved. I take a deep breath.

Krystal, I think to myself, its not your business.
Then suddenly I…

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Day 15

There is a 30-day blog challenge going around, and I think it’s great. I have selected Day 15 which asks that I list 15 interesting things about myself. See how random I am? Also, I’m going to add a twist. I am sharing 20 interesting things instead of 15 things about myself, HA!

  1. I love how I have the ability to show genuine love for others…
  2. Fresh cherries are my favorite fruit.
  3. For years I was ashamed about things that didn’t even matter.
  4. I love having the closed captioning on the screen when I’m watching television.
  5. I dislike when the waiter adds drink to my cup when I’m out at a restaurant. I usually never want a refill, and if it’s refilled you’ve now thrown off the taste of my drink.
  6. I have only sent food back once at a restaurant (that happened last week, proud moment) LOL
  7. Music is awesome and to me there is a song for every situation. Most of my favorite artist others have never even heard of ❤
  8. Text messaging to me is fun but only if the person is just as quick and sarcastic as I am. I generally use emojis in every text EXCEPT with old people and job related things.
  9. I’m a very private person.
  10. If I need something I would rather break my own back to get it than to have to ask someone else for help. Not a pride thing…I just never want to be a burden on others. I’m working on this.
  11. I would go to war for my immediate family and closest friends.
  12. I love corny jokes and corny people.
  13. When I say that I’m socially awkward I mean it, lol. I’m so glad others don’t know what is going on in my head.
  14. If ANY assumingly single guy asks for my number even if I am not interested I am still giving him my number. I’m not going to lead him on, and he will DEFINITELY recognize that I’m not interested. Either I’m not going to answer or I will take forever and a day to respond. I hate to ignore people. But, there have been times when the guy just wouldn’t stop, in those cases I’m honest and upfront in explaining that I’m not interested. “argh”
  15.   I dislike anything wet touching me
  16.  I must have on socks if my feet are touching the floor if not it feels funny.
  17. Love avocados!
  18. I remember things other people tend to forget and to not appear so weird I keep it to myself usually. For example, I know birthdays and anniversaries and can remember conversations from years ago. Oh, but I can’t remember music lyrics or poems.
  19. I dislike summertime and I wish Winter was year-round. I want it to be so cold that I can’t feel my toes. And, I live in South Carolina…so, yeah my wish is never coming true. I adore windy days and winter.
  20. I love to laugh! In elementary school I got in trouble, because I would not stop laughing in class. My mom was notified, other than that I was the model student. Haha <—There I go laughing again!

This was fun, and I hope that you have enjoyed getting to know me. I encourage you to share a few things about yourself as well. Because, you’re special just the way you are.

True Colors

True Colors

A few weeks ago we took a personality test at work (True Colors). With the personality test we were given a series of questions and we were then placed at a table based on our color. Our color was based on our response to the questions.  I am gold, so people who are GOLD as their primary color like to belong. They tend to be reliable people who enjoy serving others. Things that are very important to them are tradition, home and family. They need order and structure, and are loyal and generous by nature. They are comfortable with rules and routine, and require punctuality and organization. They don’t like waste or change. They tend to plan ahead.

There were four colors: Gold, Blue, Orange, and Green

Here is an explanation of each color:

My score was: 23- GOLD



19- BLUE






Tell me what color you THINK you are below!



As Beautiful As Music

Good point!

Chard's Blog

Music is beautiful.

It touches our emotions and brings to the forefront of our minds things that we can often forget in the mundane aspects of life.

But even if you’re not musically inclined, your skills, talents, and gifts can be as beautiful as music.

You can dance, paint, write, do business, heal, speak, raise kids,engineer, cook, lead, anything as beautiful as music.

Find the music in doing what you love.

Take care and God bless you


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If Only You Had Let Me, This Is How Much I Could Have Loved You

To me, love was inordinate.

Source: If Only You Had Let Me, This Is How Much I Could Have Loved You


We laid back

Tired from the day

Just shootin’ the breeze

We sip on a cool somethin’

Talkin’ bout nothin’

Together we let it all hang out

Here with you I’m  so at ease

You’re still pulling at your tie

Tired from the day.

But, may my love rejuvenate you in every way.