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The Real Me

I have been really busy working on a special project at work, and I am exhausted. It is finally coming to an end. The women that also ended up on the project were not really the usual people that I talk to in the office. One of the women on the project actually told me that I only talked to her when we went to our assigned counties together on Tuesdays. She said “and, that’s only because we are in the van together.”  We both laughed, because she is absolutely correct.  I am pretty quiet and it takes some time before I warm up to you. During this project we bonded over music, television shows, childhood memories, and so much more. By the end of the project I realized that sometimes we simply have to share our true selves with others. It is okay to share the real you. I have spent so much time in my own head or in my own world that I have failed to share with others just who I really am.

Someone told me “Tiwana, I would have never known how funny you were if you never came out of your shell. I’m glad that you decided to come out of your shell.”

Truth be told…I’m glad I’m coming out of me shell too. Some people will like this “new” me and some will not. This new me is the real me. The me I am consciously attempting to showcase. But, I like me…perhaps you’ll like me too.

You know #TheRealMe. The one that people cannot see……

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Helpful Hints!

Do not spend your money on unnecessary things. Do not rely on your money. I agree money does talk, but at the same time remember you can lose your money in the blink of an eye. “Make the money, but don’t let the money make you.” God gives us the ability to gain wealth, and he gives and takes away. Do not be so in love with your money that you become someone you shouldn’t. (Read- Deuteronomy 8:18) (1 Timothy 6:10) (Ecclesiastes 10:19)

If someone does you wrong, it is going to hurt you. You may cry, and it’s okay to cry. Learn something from that person, and do move on. Some people are not meant to be in our lives forever. Some people are being used by your enemy, and some people are plain stupid. Yes, stupid. But, that isn’t your problem, and you do not have the cure to their stupidity. Loyalty is a beautiful thing, and so is love, but if it is always hurting you, I have one word for you: MOVE. Yes, move and don’t look back. In the moment you’ll want to retaliate and get revenge, but it isn’t your battle. God will take care of the person much greater. You may not see it right away as you’d like, but trust Him to follow through. God will fight for you, and He has prayed for you, so you’ll be okay. (Luke 22:32), (2 Chronicles 20:1-29)


That person that hurts you to the core, if they apologize, here is one word: Forgiveness. Forgive them, it isn’t always easy, but still do it. Life isn’t easy, but you still want to live don’t you? Be merciful, but don’t be stupid. Your heart is not a toy. Protect yourself and guard your heart, if you don’t who will? If God told you to do it, it must be good for you. Don’t be bitter, just move on. You’ll be fine, sweet thing. (Ephesians 4:13), (Luke 6:36), (Colossians 3:13)


Have a few close friends, but associate with many people. It is beneficial to have people in your corner. Be kind to everyone, no matter how much it hurts. “Out of every 12 there is one Judas!” Don’t accept every smiling face as your friend, choose wisely. Pick your friends carefully, and the friends that you have, treat them right. It’s hard to regain a friend once you’ve lost them. (Proverbs 18:19).


Don’t be lazy. It’s that simple. Don’t be lazy, you’ll regret it. Don’t be lazy, work for what you want. Don’t look for handouts, make it happen. You’re setting yourself up for failure. And it won’t be anyone’s fault but your own. (Proverbs 10:4) (Proverbs 6:6).

Remind yourself that you reap what you sow. Remind yourself not to be weary in well doing. Remind yourself that things work out. Remind yourself that though it may hurt you, it didn’t harm you, and you’re still here. When you fall down, get up. You’re awesome. God will always love you!


 I’ll add more periodically :-). These aren’t rules, they are helpful hints.