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Case Dismissed!

Another person murdered. another protest, but this happened yesterday and the day before that…

So, I’m choosing to focus on beauty today.

Last Saturday I went to a beautiful wedding! Renea Shavon! Check out her blog here:

Raleigh, NC

Raleigh, NC

I also ended up with a speeding ticket on Mother’s Day weekend. It isn’t customary for me to speed. I noticed the cop was parked under a shaded tree, so I glanced him and kept on driving. Later, I noticed his lights were flashing and he was speeding behind me!  I knew he wasn’t coming for me, so I moved over so he could go around me. Nope, he wanted me. He ended up giving me a ticket for “reckless driving” and “failure to update my address” . He showed no mercy. I drove off a bit misty eyed and with my heart flipping over and over in my chest. I determined I would not pay the ticket and no one was going to make me pay the ticket. I left to go to drive three hours away to go to court for the ticket. The judge asked if I was guilty and I certainly didn’t admit to it. I said that I was not guilty. He told me I didn’t have any proof, and he was right I did not have any proof. I showed him my driving record, explained why my address was not updated yet the DMV had my correct address, shared a few others facts, etc. He listened, asked if I had an attorney to defend me in the bench trial and if  I really wanted to go through with the trial, I said with as little sarcasm as possible that I didn’t feel that I needed an attorney since I’m presenting the truth and I don’t see a purpose in paying someone to present my truth, and I told him I wanted to proceed, he laughed at me like I was a maniac, stared at me…held his hand out and said Ms. Wright you did a great job presenting your case and both tickets are dismissed you are free to leave. All glory to God. Those around me suggested that I pay the ticket, etc. But, I can not pay when you’re telling me I did something that I didn’t do. And, I’m glad I fought for what I knew to be true #CaseDismissed

Can you say, “Not Guilty”